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Jay Z - Picasso Baby

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

2013 is set to be a phenomenol year where growth is bound to occur in many ways and dimensions for mankind and firstly it’s all about putting your best foot forward, sticking to New Years Resolutions(life plans) and being the best ‘YOU’ that you can possibly be.

I have chosen to mark this monumental point in history with a selection of my favourite and most desired footwear of the minute that I would so love to be putting my feet into this year, just a little might I add, and by giving this little speech ‘bravo’ to me!

May 2013 be a year filled with love, prosperity and limitless amounts of joy for you all, may your little hearts be satisfied and all your missions be fulfilled.

With love Aura.

Christian Louboutin
Alexander Wang
Nicholas Kirkwood
Are you ready to expose your naughty side this Christmas? Well get ready!

You might be pleased to know there’s no need for all the fun to end just because all of the children have fallen asleep, because after they’re all revved out and safely tucked up in bed you can extend the evening to a bit of unrestricted adult fun with the new ‘50 Shades of Grey’ themed board game. 

The game is centered around a set of cards that hold a series of sexual revelations which partcipating players must use to decide who they best fit. You can use this information to decide which one of you is the most adventurous and who is the prude of the crew! 

Sounds like fun if you dont mind revealing your inner secrets and definitely to be played with people who you are comfortable sharing with but sadly doesn’t sound like something you want to play with your Mother, Dad, Granny or your Grandad so make sure they’re safely tucked up too.

Alicia Keys New Album and Interactive Childrens App

                 Alicia Keys

Soul/R&B singer Alicia Keys is getting ready to release her 5th studio album this coming November 27th after taking some time out after the birth of her 2 year old son Egypt and marriage to producer/entrepeneur Swiss Beats. On top of all that the 14 time Grammy winning solo artist has just released a new interactive childrens app called ‘The Journals of Mama Mae and Lee Lee’.

The app is an stimulating interactive experience which Alicia says is based on the relationship which she has with her own Grandmother and enables children to learn to keep a journal, read alongside playing a selection of music from herself. I’m sure that this is just the start of her venture into the world of Childrens entertainment/education which both her and her husband have a healthy involvement in alongside her ‘Keep a Child Alive’ charity foundation.

Miss Keys who has previously produced hits such as ‘A Womans Worth’ and ‘Unthinkable’ is always a breath of fresh air and a sure dose of reality when it comes to todays world of entertainment which is very welcome. Cannot wait to see what else she has up her sleeve in the future.

The app is availalable to buy in the states for $3.99, i’m not certain of it’s UK status at present. You can find out more about it at and check out the videos below to see what she says herself.

The Journals of Mama Mae & LeeLee Trailer (by MamaMaeandLeeLee)

The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee Lyric Video (by MamaMaeandLeeLee)

Back To Business Beyonce..


Okay! So somebody is just about ready to end their maternity leave and get back to business!

If you have been reading the showbiz news recently and not been under a rock somewhere you should already be aware that Mrs Beyonce Knowles-Carter aka King Bey has been confirmed as the Superbowl 2013 half time act… excited? Very!

As we all know King Bey gave birth to a beautiful baby girl earlier this year, who she and husband the internationally known JayZ lovingly named ‘Blue Ivy’ (cute right). So because of her recent induction into ‘Motherhood’ we havent been getting the full Beyonce experience that we used to and probably will only get her in small doses from now on, but that’s okay as long as we do continue to get some love from the Diva herself!

It is also rumoured that Bey has been shooting a new advertisement for Pepsi Cola which I am sure will be out in time to coincide with the Superbowl Concert. All i can say is i am very excited for both as I am a huge Beyonce fan, have been since day one when she hit the scene with Destiny’s Child and No No No No and it’s always a joy to see an artist mature and come into their own, which sadly many dont manage to do as eloquently and shamelessly as she has done.

Roll on the new year because I just can not wait for both. Peep Beyonces previous Pepsi ads and her recent ‘I Was Here’ United Nations campaign.

Beyonce - The Queen Of Pepsi


I Was Here (United Nations World Humanitarian Day Perform… (by beyonceVEVO)

Azealia Banks - Luxury

A little taster of what’s to come.

It’s Gold Gold and more Gold… and a little turquoise! 

I love this shot, it is as if she is packing her own suitcase for a very stylish weekend. It’s so very Anna! The range will be available to buy come October.

Anna Dello Russo pop video for her H&M accessories range